Karl-Heinz Grote/Kevin Carpenter


Grote, Zimmermann, Reck / Protoplasma


Marka´s Music 1981, Elmenland Music 1999


K.-H.G. & Elmenland Music © 1992


Protoplasma / "Leer" Nessefestival 1982

Released on: "Live Tapes 1982"/MC 1982 & Protoplasma / Storyboard Part I & Life at CD 1999

(If music ruled the world...
I´d like to be a rockguitar...)

Thought much too long of myself in my time
kept much too long to much dreams in my mind
wanted to be near, but was still so far away
ain´t got no kick for me to stay
Took my guitar and wrote a song
makin´music without no right nor wrong

Surched for that feeling standing in the light
out of dark until the midddle of the night
Had some fun with music of my heard
and I wished you would take your own part
Singing "Hey tonight we´re back on stage again"
I wished tonight would never end.

Rockcity....give me your pay tonight
Rockcity...oh let me stay in your light...
another time.

Songs of joy and dancin´in the street
without drugs in the midday heat
working hard but even full of joy
rockmusic is no yesterdays toy.
now I´d like to to turn around the page
I want you to see tzhe other side of the stage.

Rockcity....you were a dream inside
Rockcity...nevertheless so bright....
a way to say!

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