Highway Trucker


Karl-Heinz Grote


Grote, Zimmermann, Harms / Protoplasma


NMI 1982, Marka´s Music 1986, Elmenland Music 1999


K.-H.G. & Elmenland Music © 1992


Protoplasma / "Rock-Ei-Festival" Nordseehalle Emden 1982

Released on: "The early Mystery"/MC 1983 & Protoplasma / Storyboard Part II CD 1999

Highway Trucker
(on the road again...)

Born for the road, just truckin´goods through the countries
working all day, moving a load on my shoulders
spending the night in some roadhouse
tomorrow I´ll be on the road again
got no one to show me my way through the night back home

Life like a fever surching for something I don´t know
spending some mammon there are no feelings to show
buy me some cheap love tonight, drinkin´some booze getting tight
don´t ask for reasons it doesn´t make sense at all

Morning rain waking me up on some resting place
all day the same for fourty years an endless space
of trucking goods on the highway, drivin´to hell to get my pay
don´t ask for reasons cause there is nothing to say

Run engine run, the roads going on
All days the same.
Driving at night, dark roads and moonlight
there´s no one to blame.
Cause I´m a highway trucker ...
always on the run
Yes, I´m a highway trucker ...

Don´t ask for reasons I`ll always carry on

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