Karl-Heinz Grote / Kevin Mclaughlin


Grote / Reck / Zimmermann / Protoplasma


NMI 1980, Marka´s Music 1982, Elmenland Music 1999


K.-H.G. & Elmenland Music © 1992


Protoplasma / Fehnhauskonzert 1981

Released on: "The early Mystery"/MC 1983 & Protoplasma / Storyboard Part I & Heroes CD 1999

(the slaves of darkness)

Time said: "rest in peace". Heroes went to Jerusalem
takin´death an war to people they had never seen before
all dressed in iron they sailed away across the seas
just to save the holy land for christianity

riding through the night
like nightmares...nightmares
they disappear into the void

aged just seventeen and sent into the desert lands
with a load upon their shoulder they can´t carry
so darkness filled their heards as warclouds were their everyday
burning cities...on their long long way

fighting everyday
slaves of darkness...darkness
ain´t got no word to say

I don´t want man going to fight fot the fortunes of some government
or some politicians vantity, I´ve got eyes to see.
So I say what I see: "War is not necessity...
so you heroes all around throw away your swords"

There´s no need...there´s no need
killing can´t go one.
Take yourswords, become yourself
se where you´re coming from

Out of dark...out of dark
out of the night.
see ypurself...see yourself
in the burning light.

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