Colors in the Sky


Karl-Heinz Grote


Grote, Zimmermann, Harms / Protoplasma


Marka´s Music 1986, Elmenland Music 1999


K.-H.G. & Elmenland Music © 1992


Protoplasma / "Sternenfeuertour" Kiel 1986

Released on: Protoplasma / Heroes MC 1986 & CD 1999


Colors in the Sky
(the memories inside my head...)

As the moments of the nightmares passed
so slightly as the nightdreams fears did last
looked outside my window
watching rainbows, coloured raindrops
of a scenery that´s gone (so long)
and between my eyes the coloured clouds
of bygone ages seemed to drift away
lightbeams in the skies tell forgotton lies
of Sheep and gracing cattle
and a riverbed
mountains green and high
to the endless sky
from where the bombs were dropped
the holy men´s pie.

As the moment of the daylight passed
so slightly as the bygone ages didn´t last
skies outside my window release a scene
like a magic birthday on the silverscreen
and between my eyes the coloured skies
dancing in the meadows where the eagles fly.
Daydreams in the sky
tell forgotten lies
of singing drunken grandmas
in the rooms beyond
Cloudy mountains drifting
fears are quietly shifting
from a time...
grandfather died so long ago.

As the moments of the daydreams passed
the colors of the nightmares didn´t last.
Sitting by the candlelight
the time was filled in bottles full of wine.
right between my eyes the golden figures
of the angles I do see.
lightbeams of my youth
tell the truth.
the words I didn´t say...
the smash of today
Fields full of gold
were my "Never"-told....
to keep me inside my hole.

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